June 29, 2016

Heins family to move back to Stanton home

By Daniel Arens

Although Jeremy and Diana Heins are planning to return to the location of their home, they are not sure yet whether they will be returning to the existing home after extensive repairs to to a new home on the site.
The family is waiting for the final report from a structural engineer who came out to inspect the damaged house. They hope that in the next couple of weeks that information will be available, and then the family can decide whether to repair the existing structure or rebuild their home entirely.
Immediately following the Jan. 22 fire that damaged their home, the Heins family was provided with rooms for around three weeks at Coal Country Inn, Stanton. They are currently living in Hazen until their home in Stanton is inhabitable.
“We’ve just been living in Hazen in a rental,” Diana said.
The home will have to meet code, which will mean that repairing the existing structure will involve lots of work and money.
The Heins family is trying to deal with insurance issues as well. Currently, their insurance could cover around half the costs for home repairs. If costs for repairs are too high, the family may decide to simply rebuild.
Both Jeremy and Diana expressed thanks for the support of people in the communities.
“It’s been great, everyone is so supportive,” Diana said.
Both Stanton and Hazen residents have helped the family out throughout the last few months.
Jeremy and Diana have one child, Milo, who is now eight months old. All three were away from their home when the fire occurred. The family also cremated their dog Spartacus, who died in the fire, keeping his ashes as a memento.

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