August 3, 2016

High school exterior to be redone

By Daniel Arens

Although much of the latest school board meeting was dedicated to discussing the questions of budgets and policies, Superintendent Ken Miller also set the stage for work on the exterior of the high school.
Western Steel Builders, Incorporated, provided the school district its only bid for the project, which the board has been hoping to see done for some time. Besides a base bid amount for basic work, two optional bids were also provided for more parts of the school’s exterior.
The base bid totaled just over $39,000, which is for work along the south side of the building. The two additional bids are for exterior renovation on the west side of the swimming pool and on its south side, bordering the high school Uncommons room.
These two bids were priced at $68,500 and $19,000, respectively. If the board approves these additional costs, the overall scope of the exterior project will rise to $126,800 in total costs.

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