November 1, 2017

Implementing Measure 5: The planning stage

By Daniel Arens

During the 2016 election, more happened then the unexpected victory of Donald Trump. Not only were there numerous federal, state, and local elections around the nation, but most people also saw balloted measures to support or oppose.
One of the most controversial aspects of the election in North Dakota was Measure 5, a public ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana. The measure passed with almost 64 percent of the vote.
Now, in the aftermath of its approval, comes the lengthy and controversial process of implementing the measure in a way that balances the will of the voters with the security and logistical concerns of lawmakers.
Last Thursday, 64 people gathered in Killdeer to discuss the ramifications of the measure, and to learn about steps that could be taken already to prepare for medical marijuana’s future in the state. The conference was sponsored by Vision West ND, an organization that covers the 19 oil and gas producing counties in the state, helping to plan for and address economic and social needs of communities in the energy region.

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