August 30, 2017

In pursuit of nature’s wonders

By Daniel Arens

“Seriously: You’re not driving all the way to Torrington, Wyo. just to get a photo of the total eclipse of the sun.”
“Uh yes, I’m leaving now,” Steve Gowin replied.
Some 500 miles later, the Hazen resident was asking ranchers in the Lingle area of Wyoming if he could spend the night in their pasture and stay long enough the next day, Aug. 21, to get some photos of the total eclipse.
The rancher, a 35-year-old ranch manager, said, “Uh, go ahead – you don’t smoke, do you? Don’t want any fires, I’m busy, I’ll be picking up hay bales in that field over there.”
It was rugged as Gowin spread his sleeping bag under the stars in the pickup box.
“Oh! This is sweet, crickets chirping, no coyotes and just a light breeze.”

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