November 26, 2013

Insurance may not cover personal use damages

By April Baumgarten

Insurance agents reminded Mercer County commissioners what could happen if employees used equipment for personal use. But they did not try to convince them to adopt a policy that has haunted the board for almost a year.
“Basically our stance on it is to talk about what is covered and what is not,” Farmers Union Insurance agent Kandie Kremer said. “Any other decisions on what you do is not up to us.”
The commission listened to what their insurance policy covers Nov. 20 during a meeting in Stanton. County insurance would not cover injuries or damage if equipment is used for personal work, said Ross Warner of the North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund.
“If they are acting as an employee they’re covered,” he said. “But if they are borrowing and using county equipment off the job they likely have no liability coverage. If they injure somebody, their private assets are all on the line.”


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