April 8, 2010

Knife River creeping toward 21 feet

After a nearly 7-foot rise overnight, the Knife River crept toward 21 feet -- Knife River flood stage -- Monday morning at the river gauge just south of Hazen.

Wednesday morning, the United States Geological Survey  measured the Knife at 19.52 feet, up 6.8 feet from yesterday morning. The National Weather Service expects the Knife to continue to rise up to 21.5-21.8 feet.

Furthermore, approximately 1 inch of precipitation was expected Wednesday evening, which is projected to prolong the river's swollen state until it's recession on about Saturday, April 3, according to Mercer County Emergency Manager Carmen Reed.

Two Mercer County roads were inundated Tuesday: The bridge on County Road 25 about nine miles south of Beulah, and the bridge on County 11, about 5.5 miles south of Zap. Both roads have been closed by Mercer County Highway Department.

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