February 14, 2018

Knife River Indian Villages looks to future outreach

By Daniel Arens

It can be easy to forget sometimes that we have a national park right on our doorstep. Now, that park is hoping to make it a little harder to forget that.
Knife River Indian Villages (KRIV) is looking at expanding its reach to people in the area and beyond. Besides their regular programs and events, the park is also partnering with Northern Plains National Heritage Area to coordinate outreach opportunities within the area.
The Northern Plains National Heritage Area (NPNHA) is one of 49 designated “heritage areas” around the United States. They are regions in the country that contain rich historical, cultural, and natural resources. NPNHA is a North Dakota heritage area within Mercer, Oliver, McLean, Morton, and Burleigh counties, focused upon the significance of the Missouri River and the cultural and historical impact the river has had on the region.
Aaron Barth, executive director of NPNHA, gave a presentation at KRIV to discuss the current focus of NPNHA and their plans to draft a new management plan. It was held at KRIV on the evening of Feb. 7.


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