April 12, 2017

Krieger addresses Hazen special education report

By Daniel Arens

One important aspect of the Hazen School District does not get brought up at every school board meeting.
That said, Oliver-Mercer Special Education provides a vital service for many kids in the area. For the Hazen School Board, it is important to keep track of where this program is at.
Each year, the North Dakota Special Education department sends out a district report card based on surveys and other submitted data on special education. Jesse Krieger, Director of Oliver-Mercer Special Education, came to the school board on April 10 to discuss the results of this report card.
“This is not something new, but it’s new that I’m bringing it to you and explaining it to you,” Krieger said. He explained that, in order for the program to receive federal funding, it must submit this data to the state.
The report card which Krieger presented shows results for the Hazen School District from the 2015-16 school year.

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