December 2, 2015

“Santa Cause” brings art and charity together

By Daniel Arens

Local businesses often take advantage of the Christmas season for clever promotions and ideas. This year, Farmer’s Union in Hazen is stepping up with creativity and charity in a Christmas tree decoration competition.
The contest, dubbed “Santa Cause”, involved Farmer’s Union furnishing Christmas trees at the gas station. Residents then picked up the trees after a $10 deposit, which was returned to them when they delivered a decorated tree. Each resident then creatively designs their own tree and brings the tree back to the station.
Hazen residents have the opportunity to vote for what they think is the most creative tree, with the result of the vote being announced on Dec. 3. The decorator of the 1st place tree will receive 25 car washes, and the 2nd place prize is 25 pizzas.
At 6 p.m. on Dec. 3, an auction will be held for the trees, with all proceeds going to the Hazen Senior Center. Farmer’s Union hopes that, if the event is successful this year, it can make “Santa Cause” a yearly event, with the proceeds going to a different cause each year.
Ten trees were furnished this year for the contest. That number may increase based on the interest shown in this year’s competition.

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