November 6, 2019

Living faith out in a secular world

By Daniel Arens

Hazen and Beulah may be new communities to one man, but the mission he is carrying out here is the same as that which has occupied him throughout his life.
Father Thomas Grafsgaard became the new priest at St. Martin’s Catholic Church in Hazen and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Beulah in July.
“I think my purpose is inspiring Catholics to live out their faith in a very secular world,” he said. “And engaging youth is very important, cause there are a lot of voices out there saying why you shouldn’t be involved in faith.”
Originally from Bismarck, Grafsgaard graduated from St. Mary’s Central High School in 2004, and then went to study at St. John’s University near St. Cloud, Minn. While attending school there, he went into the pre-med program.

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