September 14, 2016

Long-standing businesses welcomes new owners

By Daniel Arens

Saying farewell to valued businesses in a community can be bittersweet, but that feeling can be partly remedied when new businesses and new ideas come in to fill their place.
Mel and Bea Roth came to Hazen in 1969, when they began Mel Roth Oil. That was 47 years ago.
“We had a small store at the parking lot of Krause’s,” Bea said, referring to Krause’s old location along Main Street, across from Union State Bank.
“When we purchased the station over there, it was called Mel Standard at the time,” she said, laughing. “So we didn’t even have to change the name.”
After the bypass that acts now as Highway 200 was constructed in 1980, Mel Roth Oil moved to its new location along that road.
“This new property was a feed lot,” Mel said. Shortly after the move, the Roths were joined by Carla and Steve Borlaug, who have managed Hiway Express, while the Roths owned the property.
“A lot of years,” Carla said.
“I think that we’ve been really blessed with good customers,” Bea said.
“And good employees,” Carla added.
Carla highlighted Sue Wetzel as an example of the good employees the businesses have had.
“She has been opening since 1980, when we were a new facility,” Carla said, adding that she still sometimes opens the store. “A good family atmosphere with our employees.”


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