November 22, 2016

Lorina Zuern: 90 years young

By Daniel Arens

Although she has lived a quiet life in the greater Hazen area for the last 90 years, Lorina Zuern has left a legacy of devotion and love that extends around the nation, where her numerous nieces, nephews, and other extended family members live.
Lorina’s birthday is actually next month, but family members came early to celebrate with her in Hazen before winter weather could make travel hard to coordinate. Her extended relatives live in places as far apart as Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Wyoming, and Colorado.
“It’s very, very nice that they all came,” Lorina said.
Lorina was born Dec. 28, 1926. She grew up on a farm roughly 10 miles north of Hazen.
“I was raised with five siblings. I was the youngest of the family,” Lorina said.
She attended a country school nearby, where she received an eigth grade level education. She also attended a nearby church, which the family walked to.
“When we were just kids, we were happy to go to church ‘cause that’s the only way we got out,” she said. “After that, you just went.”
One of Lorina’s brothers entered the service during World War II. Lorina recalled writing lots of letters to him while he was away.
Lorina married Herb Zuern in March of 1947.


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