December 4, 2013

‘Behind the golf ball’

By April Baumgarten

Board members are sure the Hazen Golf Course won’t go under, but the future of its management is unclear.
Almost 50 of the approximately 250 members met for more than two hours Nov. 25 at the course club house with multiple questions for the board. President Jeff Dietz gave an update on several issues. One of those included the fact that the club was $160,000 in debt.
The course had a good year, bringing in more than $8,300 over the Hazen Centennial week. But everything went downhill when construction began in July. People from Bismarck stopped coming and sales dropped 30 percent from last year.
“Once they found out that road construction was up here that was all done,” Vice President Jesse Flath said. “Game over.”
The board has asked Hazen Parks and Recreation and the Hazen City Commission to help with finances and labor. Both declined to help.

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