April 26, 2017

Lund hosts blacksmiths

By Daniel Arens

One area resident uses his home not only to produce his own work, but also to bring in others who share his passion.
Kerwin Lund, who lives south of the Crossroads off Highway 200, has done blacksmith work for decades. He hopes he can share his inspiration for blacksmithing through the events he holds.
Last weekend, more than 50 people from around the state (and some from beyond North Dakota) came to Lund’s house to take part in seminars, work on their skills, and talk with fellow blacksmiths.
“Each year, they come back here to show what they’ve learned,” Lund said. He added that he hosts anyone at the events, from those simply interested in learning about blacksmithing to newbies to those with 30 years of experience.
“We have six forges inside and seven forges outside,” Lund said. People of all ages and experience levels worked with these, while special demonstrations were held to showcase specific skills.
Lund explained the process of how he picks out the people who will put on demonstrations at the events he hosts.
“Basically, I say to someone, ‘I really liked the way you do that, would you be interested in showing it?’” Lund said.
Keven Fettig showed how to produce a candle holder on Saturday. The production was based on three points: the black pipe, texturing, and a finish.
Fettig has been doing blacksmith work for roughly 15 years. This was the first time he put on a demonstration at Lund’s house.


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