September 25, 2008

Mahto Bay cabin owners still wanting road work from county

With no road easement agreement yet in sight with tribal landowners, Mahto Bay cabin owners near Twin Buttes have asked Mercer County for some road work this fall. The problem, however, is that the road they request assistance on is a short section that falls on tribal land.

After much discussion, county commissioners fear going in without permission may cause setback on solution talks.

For several months, cabin residents who live on former Corps land near Mahto Bay have been seeking a solution to their road issues, wanting the county’s help to an age-old problem of obtaining a clear easement that would grant them and Mercer County access over tribal lands and privately owned tribal land.

The first and foremost reason for easement access has always been stated by the cabin owners as wanting road maintenance into their area, getting what they said would be some service for the taxes they must pay.

About two years ago the county reopened talks with the Three Affiliated Tribes who in turn have been working with the tribal landowners.

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