November 8, 2016

Marine vet shares his story

By Daniel Arens

All around us, in our own communities, we see the impact of our veterans. The safety to walk down our streets without fear, the ability to talk and learn and worship without reprisal: these freedoms are the results of the sacrifices of men and women in uniform. But often one of the people we pass by on our daily routines is himself or herself one of these heroes who served our nation.
Rockne Bonsness is currently a sales representative with West River Telecom. But nearly all of his adult life has been dedicated to the service of the United States, as a (now retired) lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps.
“I joined the U.S. Marine Corps because I wanted to be a Marine. I believed that, for me, it was a calling,” Bonsness said during a Veterans Day sermon in 2010 at Peace Lutheran Church. “I believe that each of our lives is a journey and has a purpose, and part of my purpose was to be a Marine.”

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