March 18, 2015

Mercer County Ambulance financials in dire straits


With financial records and unanswered questions spiraling out of control, the Mercer County Ambulance Board called in Coal Country Community Health Centers Chief Financial Officer Debbie Borth to assess the problems and determine a solution.
In a special meeting called last Thursday, Borth gave the ambulance board a troubling report of financial and accounting problems in the management of the Mercer County Ambulance Service headed by Director Angie Sayler.
“We want to clear up some answers from our last meeting when the questions were not answered,” said President Rhonda Pfenning.
Board Treasurer Darrold Bertsch concurred with the purpose of the meeting.
“As Rhonda indicated, we had some questions last month about the financials and how they were organized in Quickbooks,” Bertsch said.  “We were going to take a look at how they made the set up with Medlin and Quickbooks. I asked Debbie, who is the CFO of Coal Country, to come in and assess what she saw and where the financials were, and what opportunities we had for improvement.”

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