March 26, 2014

Mercer County Ambulance looks to the future

By Lee Coleman

MCA continues its search for a new manager while changing some by-laws and initiating the process for purchasing a much-needed new ambulance.
The change to the by-laws now prohibits MCA employees or volunteers from serving on the Board of Directors.
“This change has been contemplated for several years,” Zimmerman explained. “This year at our annual meeting, we elected to make the change to the by-laws. This is more of an industry standard. The Board felt it was a good move to ensure and avoid an uncomfortable or bad situation in the future. The old by-law was a conflict of interest and with most companies run by a board of directors, most all of them will not allow employees to be on the board.”
In recent times, the definition of volunteers and any compensation thereof has been brought into question. Zimmerman clarified the issue from the MCA Board perspective.

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