August 5, 2015

Mercer County Ambulance still working on finances

By Jarann Johnson
The Mercer County Ambulance is still being haunted by past financial troubles. Monday’s meeting was mainly focused on budgetary concerns, but it became clear early on that the muddled mess of the past is muddying up the somewhat clear waters of the future.
The meeting opened with some adjustments to the agenda. Three topics were added to the agenda: write-offs, the Mercer County Ambulance logo, and Sakakawea Easement Approval.
After adjusting the agenda, the board moved to accepting minutes from the last meeting. There were no changes and the minutes were adopted as approved.
After quickly getting past the easy items, the board moved on to hearing a report from two Brady Martz accountants overviewing the Mercer County Ambulance’s 2014 account and preparing it for an audit.
The two accountants who reported to the board on the case were Ryan Munson and Erik Haas. The accountants told the board they were getting the accounts ready for audit and checking balances for 2014.
The board presented a question dealing with depreciation value. The accountants replied that accelerated depreciation was better for profit businesses, not non-profits.

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