December 21, 2016

Mercer County commission reorganizes after election

By Daniel Arens

After delays caused by winter weather, the Mercer County Commission was finally able to hold its first December meeting, where a primary concern was to establish what that commission will look like over the coming year.
In the November election, Dwight Berger defeated incumbent Bill Tveit for a seat on the commission. Duane Scheurer, the other sitting commissioner on the ballot, was reelected. Because Tveit was the chairman of the commission, the commissioners needed to appoint his replacement.
Scheurer, who was vice-chairman under Tveit, was selected to be the new chairman during the Dec. 13 meeting.
Auditor Shana Brost called for nominations, at which Commissioner Wes Gunsch nominated Scheurer, a motion seconded by Commissioner Gary Murray.
Berger questioned if the nomination was needed at this commission meeting, since the vice-chairman could act as interim until the typical official reorganization in January. Brost replied that the change could be done at any time.
Gunsch was nominated as vice-chairman.


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