April 26, 2017

Mercer County libraries honored for service to area communities

By Daniel Arens

Three public libraries in Mercer County recently received recognition for both their book checkout services and the community events they host.
The Hazen, Beulah, and Stanton public libraries were also honored with a North Dakota Star Library Award by the North Dakota State Library.
Sienna Sailer, Rebekah Kjos, and Nancy Miller, directors of the Hazen, Beulah, and Stanton libraries, respectively, were presented these awards at the Renewal and Development Conference earlier this month.
“It was kind of cool,” Sailer said. “We were all thrilled. You know, all three of us are part of the consortium, the McLean-Mercer Regional Library.”
“It was a complete surprise,” Kjos said. “It’s a brand-new award. It’s really good to know that our libraries are doing as much as they can for their communities.”
“I just think it’s wonderful that they did this,” Miller added. “It all had to do with our programs, and what we did in the community.”
All three towns fall in different size categories. The Hazen Public Library actually falls in a larger state circulation category than the Beulah Public Library, although the Hazen library is at the low end of its category and the Beulah library at the high end of its category.

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