November 20, 2013

Mercer County looks at western spokesman

By April Baumgarten

A member of the Mercer County Water Resource Board has suggested counties in western North Dakota find an advocate for funding.
“I’m trying to make this better for small counties,” chairman Ed Grunett said.“To me we have to be a team working together.”
Grunett asked for input for the Southwest Water Board from his water board Thursday during a meeting. The southwest board has been inactive for approximately 25 years, Grunett said, and it is time to either disband it or become active.
“This was a good board when it was active because we got all of us together,” he said. “We shared our projects. We talked about what was going on in our counties and we worked together to get things done.”
The problem, the chairman said, is that Southwest Water came to western North Dakota and board members felt they had accomplished their goal. Grunett felt it is a good opportunity to look at the board.
“We have oil problems coming,” he said. “We have other problems coming.”


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