April 16, 2014

Mercer County seeking expansion of courthouse

By Lee Coleman

The Mercer County courthouse in Stanton was built in 1973 and County Commission Chairman Gary Murray said the current building is not adequate anymore.
The reason, Murray said, is because the building is over crowded and has become a safety issue for the jail and the handling of inmates.
The issue has been a topic of conversation for the last three or four years and in 2012, the county reviewed  sketch options and costs estimates provided by Klein McCarthy Architects and Contegrity Group, Inc.
In July, 2013, KMA and CGI was hired to provide a planning study for expansion. In December, KMA and CGI was hired  for a preliminary design.
“This had been discussed before I came into office,” said Mercer County State’s Attorney Jessica Binder. To the gathering at the Hazen City Hall on Monday. “I was excited to see it develop to this point. It is not a want, it is a need so I hope the voters will see that in June.”
On June 10, the issue will be on the ballot asking for voter’s support of the expansion. It will not be a bond issue vote asking for tax dollars to pay the estimated cost of $9.8 million.


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