January 20, 2016

Mercer County to hold scholarship pageant

By Daniel Arens
Following the success of Mercer County’s own Miss North Dakota Delanie Wiedrich, a scholarship organization for the county has arisen, which gives girls in Hazen and Beulah the opportunity to compete locally for a chance to move on for state pageant.
Spearheaded by Delanie’s mother, Justine Wiedrich, the first pageant will take place on Jan. 30 at 5:30 p.m. at the Hazen High School Theater. The public is invited to come watch the pageant and cheer on the local girls. There is a $5 admission cost, and all money goes towards funding next year’s pageant competition. The contestants themselves will arrive at 8 a.m., spending the rest of the day preparing for the evening competition.
There are 17 contestants between the ages of five and 24 who have entered the competition this year. The pageant is broken down into several categories. First, girls ages five to 12 will compete for the princess title. They will compete in all areas, but will not be judged.  Girls ages 13 to 17 will compete for the teen title, while those aged 18 through 24 will compete for the official titles.

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