March 21, 2018

Miss Hazen-Beulah’s Outstanding Teen talks peoples ‘superpowers’

By Daniel Arens

For the Hazen Chamber of Commerce, a special guest in a special venue provided a unique approach to the monthly business of the organization.
Mackenzie Fuller, Miss Hazen-Beulah’s Outstanding Teen, spoke about her title and her platform, and what her goals are for representing the local communities. Her presentation came during a Chamber meeting March 14 at the Bison Bar and Grill.
“Kindness is a superpower,” Fuller said. “Everyone has the power to be kind.”
Fuller told the Chamber members that she is spreading this message in a variety of different ways. Recently, for example, she read the book “Wonder”, which deals with the beauty of people who have physical deformities. She also helped babysit for Mothers with Preschoolers (MOPS) members
Fuller emphasized that she was available to help the Chamber and the community of Hazen with any events  they might have upcoming. She also asked Chamber members if they’d be willing to help sponsor her as she looks toward future competitions and events.

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