September 21, 2016

Mitigation search continues for county diversion proposal

By Daniel Arens

There was lots to talk about regarding Lake Shores Estates at the water board meeting, but little that can actually be done.
This situation is all too common for the water board members, as the search for mitigation acres to balance the changed watershed of a diversion and the attempt to appease different agencies with different interests in the project continues.
Recent meetings were held between Water Board Secretary Greg Lange and representatives of some of these agencies. Lange hoped the meeting revealed the problems the county water board has faced dealing with these problems, and the need for a permanent solution.
He told the board there are basically two options available. First, the board could consider an easement with the Boeshans family for a portion of land that would get around the need for any mitigation at all. Second, the board will have to determine where to find mitigation that covers the diversion proposal.
Previously, the water board had considered property near Zap owned by Allen Simonson. However, there were questions about the nature of the property, including whether a plugged drain was located in that area. Also, there was uncertainty about whether all of the land located there belonged to Simonson.


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