December 3, 2014

New charges delay Hushka sentencing hearing

By Lee Coleman

After pleading guilty to the felony of continuous sexual abuse of a minor, which carries a potential life sentence, Kevin Lee Hushka, 35, Hazen, was scheduled to be sentenced Monday morning in Burleigh County.
But things quickly changed when State’s Attorney Jessica Binder told the Honorable Thomas Schneider that Hushka, previously out of custody on a bond, was back in custody after being arrested Sunday for burglary and sexual assault in Hazen.
According to the criminal complaint filed, the burglary charge is a Class B felony and the sexual assault charge is a Class B misdemeanor.
The criminal complaint and affidavit were filed in district court in the South Central Judicial District. The affidavit was filed by Detective James Wenning, Mercer County Sheriff’s Department.
In the affidavit, Wenning said he was contacted and asked to respond to the Hazen Police Department to meet with Hazen Police Officer Alynn Beyer to assist him with a reported sexual assault.
Beyer told Wenning that the unnamed victim said Hushka had just come into her house and got into bed with her shortly after 7 a.m. Following a lewd comment from Hushka, the victim attempted to jump out of bed when Hushka grabbed for her, leaving scratch marks along her left abdomen.

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