August 6, 2014

New Hazen city engineer tightening the ship

By Lee Coleman

The City of Hazen’s engineering firm, Ulteig, has brought in Mike Johnson to replace former city engineer Clint Knutson, who has moved to a new project with the firm.
Johnson flew solo at his first Hazen City Commission meeting Monday night. He came across as determined to not only deliver stellar service to the city, but to also be available and visible.
“I want to raise the level of service,” he told the Commission. “I want us to finalize our agreement. We will attend every commission meeting, answer cell phone calls and return emails.”
In exchange for the increased service, Johnson asked for $200 dollars a month in compensation.
“There will not be any limit,” he explained. “The only limit will come from something that requires an action on our part. We are going to be here. We want to raise the bar.”
Commission President Jerry Obenauer was glad to see the new attitude.
“It is nice to know we will be able to get our questions answered at meetings,” he said. “In the past, Ulteig hasn’t always been here.”

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