October 5, 2016

Oktoberfest draws out Hazen crowds

By Daniel Arens

There was lots to do this weekend, and many reasons to get out and about.
This was the third year Hazen has held an Oktoberfest, involving area businesses and organizations in putting together a variety of events and entertainments.
“I think it went very well,” Kayla Lindemann, Hazen Chamber of Commerce, said. “Everything was well attended. It was a good weekend.”
For the first time, Hazen held a “Dachshund Dash,” with wiener dogs from throughout the area participating in races. More often than not, these races turned into miniature fiascos, with the dogs running to find out what it was their would-be competitor was sniffing, or barreling in the complete opposite direction of the finish line. But they certainly provided laughs for all who attended.
Dirty Blonde performed in an outdoor venue for many Hazen residents Saturday night, playing a variety of different music. The band, based out of Bismarck, consists of four performers who play primarily different forms of rock music.


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