June 28, 2017

Old legacy in a new building

By Daniel Arens
There are a lot of changes that come with the creation of a new facility, and Sakakawea Medical Center (SMC) is no exception. But, among all the upgraded equipment and redesigned layout of the new hospital, a legacy of the past survives.
The small meditation, or chapel, room at the hospital may look somewhat familiar. That is because the cross and mural that adorn this room were transplanted from the old hospital into the new one.
“It supplies a place for family, patients, and Senior Suite residents who need a quiet space,” Marie Mettler, SMC public relations coordinator, said.
This doesn’t mean it is completely the same.
“It used to be framed into the window, but we couldn’t do that in here,” Mettler said.
“We were all really impressed,” she added. “It’s all stained glass artwork, and it’s amazing they were able to take it out of the window intact.”


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