September 18, 2008

Park Board Plans for more campsites

By Chris Gessele
Hazen Bay campground is full and bustling throughout each summer season – bustling enough to where the Hazen Park Board feels they can fill 26 additional campsites at the bay.
At Monday’s meeting of the Hazen City Commission, Hazen Park Board President Al Mautz was in attendance to reveal a plan for the construction of 26 additional campsites at Hazen Bay, and ask for the city’s help in preparing those sites. The sites would be located directly west of the Hazen Bay convenience store.
Currently, Hazen Bay campground offers paved road access to 50 camp sites (22 with electricity, 12 with water and electricity), lodging in two cabins or two RV trailers, three boat ramps, restrooms and showers, a fish cleaning station and three courtesy docks, among other amenities.
The proposed site would be well sheltered and shaded, but is extremely rough and in need of some blade work. Trees were formerly removed from the area, and no fill was used in the opened holes creating some very rough terrain, Mautz said. The board would like to have the sites operational by June 2009.
Though the sites would need some preparatory work, the job could be finished by one day of blading and one day of moving trees, Mautz estimated. The job would require the use of the city’s blader and loader with tree spade. There are about 12 trees that may need to be moved, Mautz said.
“If (City Foreman) George (Quast) can spare a couple days of equipment and labor – of George’s choosing –it’s fine with me,” Commissioner Mike Peterson said.

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