May 30, 2018

Parks, streets and leashes: Questions of Hazen’s dogs

By Daniel Arens

Questions concerning the many dogs found around Hazen occupied much of the Hazen City Commission’s attention at their last meeting.
It began with concerns raised about dogs being left unattended and roaming free, and the threat that posed to other dogs and sometimes people. Sara Koenig, who lives on Expansion Drive, said that she continually has to deal with dogs that come on her property, where she is often outside with her own dog.
“I can’t sit in my front yard with my dog without being attacked,” Koenig said. She asked that the city stiffen their enforcement of ordinances related to dogs getting loose, notably including fines to the owner when an incident occurs.
Commissioner Nancy Wolf agreed that dogs getting loose was a problem, and noting that the problem was citywide. “I don’t know what the solution is, though,” she said.
“Well, the solution is enforcement,” Commission President Jerry Obenauer replied.

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