March 9, 2016

Payments for 2015 surge project addressed

By Daniel Arens

Once again, Ulteig Engineering approached the city with a pay request for services provided during the 2015 city surge project. This was the fourth request the company has made for payments, and will clear up payments on extras for the project, leaving only retention costs to be dealt with.
In total, Ulteig asked for $86,699.21 from the city. The Hazen City Commission responded with questions about various aspects of the bill. Adam Schoenherr, Ulteig, replied to these questions, including remarks about $2,000 for tree removal near Lift Station 5 and the issue of extra 72-inch valley gutter installed.
After Commission President Jerry Obenauer said “I guess we need to pay it,” noting the commission had little say in the matter, Commissioner Nancy Wolf moved to approve the payment. Commissioner Haack seconded. The motion was approved 4-1, with Commissioner Casey Stern dissenting. Stern noted that the commission had already voted on some of the items that were brought forward, with the final cost higher than the commission had anticipated.
With Williams Builders preparing to develop a new housing subdivision in western Hazen east of the Lewis and Clark RV Park, the commission held a public hearing to amend the zoning map of the city from commercial to residential zoning in this area. Specifically, blocks four, five, six, seven, and eight would be rezoned as residential property.
No public comment was made, so the commission closed the hearing and, in the course of their regular meeting, voted unanimously to approve the zoning amendment. Commissioner Wolf made the motion, with Haack seconding.


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