July 16, 2014

Pick City resident files complaint against city commissioner

By Lee Coleman

The fireworks show happened on the Fourth of July but a week ago Monday, the fireworks returned, only this time in the chambers of the Pick City City Commissioners’ regularly scheduled July meeting.
New mayor Lloyd Seilinger presided over his first meeting as mayor and the first order of business for the city was to answer a petition signed by citizens suggesting irregularities in the city books and financial records.
Although citizens were dissatisfied with the report of a state auditor called in to verify the accuracy of the books, the auditor told the gathering the audit had been completed and the results did not show any irregularities or discrepancies in the books and financial records.
“A lot of people signed the petition,” Seilinger said. “They wanted the city books audited and nothing was found. There has to be some changes. This city is going backward instead of forward.
“People don’t take care of stuff around here. It gets very irritating. Nothing gets done. That’s why I ran for mayor. I want to improve things, not make everybody mad.
“I want to do something about things that are existing.”
And Seilinger may get his chance to do that at a special meeting that is likely to, and should, happen after Pick City resident Tobias Lemer filed a formal complaint with the city about City Commissioner Rosemarie Pfliger.

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