January 3, 2018

Planning phase: Final round

By Daniel Arens

After months of planning, preparing, and pondering, 2018 has come, and with it the prospect of the actual Hazen road overhaul project construction on the doorstep.
During a last Hazen City Commission meeting of 2017, on Dec. 18, the commissioners spoke with Mark Sweeney, Moore Engineering, about some of the final details of the plan.
“Well, we have a little delay in the schedule,” Sweeney said. He added that he had hoped to bring the 100 percent complete final plans with him to that meeting, but that the company wants some time to check everything, including a couple of late additions or alternates for the project.
One of the biggest issues to be discussed is the northern extension of Elbowoods Drive. Commission Chairman Jerry Obenauer reported that he and Commissioner Nancy Wolf met with the residents of this extended street to discuss the possibilities of paving the road as part of the upcoming project.


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