May 23, 2018

Preaching and serving: Going on 90

By Daniel Arens

It’s true that Pastor Elden Zuern has not been preaching for 90 years. But he turns 90 years old May 27, and that milestone birthday isn’t deterring him from continuing his life work.
Elden and his wife Norma. returned to a house north of Hazen in the early 2000s after spending many years in other states. Since that point, Elden has worked with local churches in the Hazen area, notably serving St. Paul Lutheran Church between Hazen and Pick City on the first and fifth Sundays of each month, with Pastor Bill Wagner covering the remainder of the days.
Several members of that congregation conspired to give Elden a surprise birthday party on May 6. Although Norma was in the know, Elden said the surprise was carried out successfully.


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