October 18, 2017

Preparing for floods: A 15-step plan

By Daniel Arens

Over the years, Mercer County, and especially Beulah, have seen firsthand the damage that flooding can cause. The Knife River, fed by many large and small tributaries, flows to the south of Zap, Beulah, and Hazen, and when waters come hard, there can be little warning for residents living nearby.
On Oct. 11, county, community, and emergency response leaders gathered together at the Beulah Civic Center to discuss a plan of response for flood issues. Terry Zien and Bonnie Greenleaf, both from the Minnesota Silver Jackets program, presented a 15-step emergency action plan they felt responders should have on hand so they are as prepared as they can be to respond to floods.
The Silver Jackets program is a flood risk management program that brings together federal, state, and local government entities to develop strategies for handling flood issues. Mercer County is already involved with Silver Jackets, who held another meeting last year in Beulah to discuss possible flood control measures that might work to alleviate some of flood concern in Beulah.


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