April 12, 2017

Progress on housing developments

By Daniel Arens

Hazen residents passing east or west on W. Main Street can see four new structures standing south of the road east of the Lewis and Clark RV Park. The plan is for these four structures to become four homes in the near future.
The four homes, two twin homes and two single family homes, are the first construction efforts for the housing development in western Hazen called Expedition Estates.
The basic structure of all four has been completed.
Currently, the focus is on electrical work, painting, and sheet-rocking, with some buildings ahead of others.
The two twin homes, located on the north side of the area, include both two-door and three-door garage options. The two-door garage twin home has the lowest price of the four buildings, at $239,900. The price of the Garrison single family home, the largest and most costly of the four, is more than $300,000.


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