August 15, 2018

Provoking a response

By Daniel Arens

Passion is important for the success of any business. But, sometimes, passion leads someone to put aside business interests to bring attention to larger issues.
One Hazen businesswoman created quite a buzz when actions on the other side of the country prompted her to take an unpopular stand.
Stacie Kruckenberg, owner of Pretty Petals along Main St., closed her doors suddenly in late June. At the same time, the sign placed in front of her shop, on which she displays different messages, bore a startling and direct statement:
“How low will you let Trump go! I’m done impeach him” was put on one side of the sign. The other bore a similar message: “It is wrong to put kids in cages Call 202-225-2611 Speak out”, the number being a link to Representative Kevin Cramer’s office.

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