November 4, 2014

Public Nuisance Ordinance review making progress

By Lee Coleman

On Sept. 14, Commissioner Jason Haack and Commission President Jerry Obenauer met with the police department to create a forum for open discussion on the ordinance that hasn’t been enforced as many, including city officials, believe it should have been.
The end result of the meeting was for the police department to come up with some ideas on the ordinance and enforcement and come back to the city in 30 days.
Sergeant James Wolff prepared a list of ideas to address including hobbyist permits, tarps on vehicles, lawn mowers, snowmobiles, motorcycles and trailers piled with junk, demolition cars and derby cars and camping trailers and motorhomes.
Although the ordinance itself encompasses a much broader brush stroke, the central theme under review now is the parking of the above vehicles.
“I think they are great ideas,” Haack said. “We want to make sure to involve more than one party, but this is definitely a great start.”
Because the city is reviewing and updating the ordinance, the city commission is requesting public input and comments as the review continues.
At Monday’s Hazen City Commission meeting, Haack said the ordinance can be reviewed at nuisances.pdf.

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