June 6, 2018

Recognition for veterans

Recognition for veterans
By Kennedy Sundsbak
Nowadays, recognition is something most take for granted.
For Hazen citizen Gerhard Adolf, a veteran of the Korean War, it is something he holds close to his heart.
A few months ago, he took part in “Veterans Honor Flight of ND/MN,” a two-day event honoring veterans for their service to the country. Adolf shared he would have gone the previous year, but he was experiencing troubles at home.
“My good friend, Mel Atkinson, he wanted me to go last year, but my wife was in the nursing home and she wasn’t looking so good,” Adolf said.
This year, Adolf cautiously agreed to go and got himself a flight to Washington D.C. This apprehensive feeling stayed with him until his plane landed and was greeted by hundreds of people, who were there to celebrate and honor the veterans.
“People wanted to take a picture with you. I realized that this is more important than I had anticipated.”


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