August 12, 2015

Reunion in Hazen for German biker

By Daniel Arens

Sometimes, the events that happened years ago can suddenly impact our lives today. And when the event which affects us now happened decades ago, and in another country, we realize that maybe it is a small world, after all.
This reality came true for Hazen resident Vi Isaak when she hosted the nephew of a German man she met while visiting Germany in the early 1980s. Isaak stayed with Ludwig Böhme in the German city of Hamburg during her visit. Böhme contacted Isaak recently to inform her that his nephew, René Böhme, would be traveling near Hazen.
René Böhme, of Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany, is currently biking across the continent. Böhme began his travels in early July from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and will end his trip in October after reaching the Atlantic coast.
While traveling through North Dakota, Böhme stayed with Isaak here in Hazen. The trip to Hazen was a minor detour for Böhme, but his uncle recommended that he make the trip to see Isaak, and Isaak was able to host him for a day at her home.
Ludwig Böhme himself came to Hazen in 1983. He enjoyed flying his personal aircraft wherever he could and, while he came to the United States specifically to visit Seattle, he was able to make the detour to see Isaak again. Both Ludwig and René Böhme speak English, and Isaak is able to speak German, which allowed them to co-mingle easily.
René Böhme is a 54-year-old English teacher in Germany, and he speaks both British and American versions of the language well.
René Böhme has enjoyed bicycling throughout his life, and biked along the Rhine River in Germany, but this is his first time attempting anything the size and scale of this trip. He is traveling with the help of the Adventure Cycling Association, an organization based out of Missoula, Mont. The association furnished René Böhme with maps and information about his route.

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