June 7, 2017

Road damage draws city concern

By Daniel Arens

Asphalt pavement only recently re-done. Very high temperatures for several days in a row. A recreational vehicle parked on the street. Factored together, these three issues mean damage to city streets.
In fact, that is precisely what happened at Expansion Drive. A city worker provided a photo to Monte Erhardt (reproduced with this story) of the damage caused where a boat was left parked on the street, sinking into the heated asphalt. The street received an asphalt overlay as part of the 2016 Hazen city street project.
Jason Haack, the city commissioner with the road portfolio, pointed out during a June 5 meeting that the boat at the location had not placed blocks to protect the asphalt.
“If that’s coming just from a boat, it’s going to be a long summer,” Haack said. He asked for suggestions of how to approach future issues that could arise concerning boats, trailers, or any other recreational vehicle parked on asphalt.
The city commission was concerned with how to address the issue. Commissioner Dan Pillar asked whether there was any city ordinance that dealt with the issue.
“I don’t know that there’s anything in the ordinance that says you can’t just do that,” Steve Frovarp, city planner, said. “But I think there might be something in a broader sense as far as damaging the streets.”

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