August 27, 2014

RV Park motoring forward

By Lee Coleman

The Hazen Parks and Recreation Board initiative to build a RV Park on the west side of County Road 18 just north of Highway 200 took a big step toward fruition last week when the Hazen City Commission deeded 14.119 acres of land to the Parks Board for the project.
“That was a big step from the city,” said Parks and Recreation Director Dan Frei. “Obviously, with the ownership of the land, it is easier for the board to make a commitment to do a major project.”
In addition, the city will pay $125,000 to install a sewer lift station in the park after building a gravel road from CR 18 to the site.
The Parks Board will fund the infrastructure including water, sewer and electricity and the development of the site that is expected to have at least 42 RV lots.
Frei estimated the Parks budget could approach $750,000 before it is all over.

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