May 13, 2015

School board meets, discusses legislative reports

By Daniel Arens

The Hazen School Board discussed various initiatives taken in the last legislative session. Some of the points that affect the school district include finding the five-year average of school days canceled due to storms and building that number into the school calendar as a precaution against school closures. The Hazen School District will also monitor increases in student numbers for the possibility of obtaining rapid enrollment funding. The legislature also increased the amount of time for training, with an annual suicide prevention program and eight hours of mental health training required every two years.
The dress code was again brought up at the meeting. The student council and Hazen High School Principal Matthew Norby finalized among themselves a proposed change to clarify the dress code issues brought up at the April school board meeting. The changes have been examined by Norby, the student council, teachers, administration, and the policy committee.
The proposed plan includes allowing sleeveless shirts if the seam is directly under the armpit and the top of the shoulder is covered, and also allowing yoga pants, leggings, or running tights provided the beginning of the inseam is fully covered. This plan and its changes will be officially reviewed by the school board as a part of administrative overview during the summer and, if accepted, will be implemented before classes begin for the 2015-2016 school year.
“They did a nice job with the process,” Norby said, referring to the student council’s work. “They did their research, they went through the whole process, they did a nice job with it.”

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