December 23, 2014

School Superintendent Mike Ness retiring June 30

By Lee Coleman

Hazen School Superintendent Mike Ness has been at his post in Hazen for 12 years and, when combined with his experience pre-Hazen, the affable Ness has given 42 years of his life to education and serving students.
At age 63, Ness has decided the time is right and formally will retire from the school system effective June 30, 2015.
“I had really decided before this school year started and told my board this was my plan for the year,” Ness said. “The timing of turning in my resignation was November so the board would have time to look for someone else.”
Ness made the decision to retire now so he could enjoy his retirement to the fullest.
“It is just time,” he explained. “I’m ready to get away from the schedule because I want to spend more time on the things I like to do. If I want to do something during the school week, I’ll have the opportunity to do it.
“I do a schedule all year and that really wasn’t the main reason. I’m retiring because it is just time to move on and go into the retirement mode.”
Proud of many things during his career, Ness said putting the staff together in the Hazen school system is something he will look back on favorably.
“I will remember being able to hire a good staff that developed into a quality staff for us,” he said. “The other thing is dealing with such great students over the years. It has been the best job I’ve ever had and the one I’ve enjoyed the most in my career.”
Speaking collectively for the Hazen teachers and support staff, Ness said everyone is very proud of the Hazen school system.

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