May 9, 2018

Small in size, large in personality

 By Daniel Arens

They might not be the size of the regular horses that appear in most people’s minds. But these fellas bring laughter, work and purpose for one family.
They’re miniature horses, and they are owned by Dana and Rita Wright. The Wrights live on a farm west of Stanton, off County Road 18. Beside the dogs and rescue cats they have taken in over the year, the Wrights also host several dozen miniature horses.
For Rita Wright, these horses are simply part of the family. She knows the name of each one of them, and they know the name to respond to when she calls them.
“They have the personality of a big horse,” she said. Many of the horses follow her around as she does her work, and they also have a knack for curiosity when new things (such as an editor and his camera) enter their territory.
Rita has a long history of involvement with horses, a passionate love that has dominated her entire life.
“I was always a horse nut,” she said. “I got my first horse when I was about 5 years old.”

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