August 6, 2014

SMC... Transforming Healthcare

By Lee Coleman

In 1941, the first hospital in Hazen was opened by Bertha Titzell. In one of the original buildings on Main Street, 12 beds comprised the hospital and, for years after, the hospital operated as a private entity.
Today, Sakakawea Medical Center, in conjunction with Coal Country Medical Center in Beulah, stand tall and proud as the premier medical facilities and providers for greater Mercer County.
But in recent times, SMC, after some years of discussion, has made the decision to expand as federal health guidelines have changed the landscape of healthcare.
The federal deficit and the Affordable Care Act have prompted a transition from volume to value, with a continued shift from inpatient to outpatient care with a focus on care coordination, population health and wellness.
Once operating in the red financially, SMC has transformed into a financially viable organization with a great history of providing quality care with a broad range of services.
As such, today is today and the future is forever.
“We have entered an era where federal initiatives are reshaping healthcare,” said SMC CEO Darrold Bertsch. “Sakakawea Medical Center is adapting to these changes in order to maintain our ability to provide local access to a broad range of medical services.”


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