June 9, 2011

Special program at Knife River Indian Villages

Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site is hosting a special program for the public tomorrow at the park's visitors center.

Judith Simundson, a Norwegian storyteller and musician, will be presenting free programs at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Friday at the visitors center, located about one-half mile north of Stanton.

Drawing listeners into tales of long ago and far away, Simundson brings out her masks and models of mythic troll creatures then weaves a story first as a narrator who then shifts to Grandma instructing children, to a young huldre girl in a meadow longing to be fully human.

All the while, participants will hear the old Norwegian dialects from the prairie, see variations of bunad costumes, touch the papier mache creatures. Her program is peppered with Norwegian singing, folk harp and lyre, as well as a phrase or two of Norwegian, “Og vær så god!”

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