October 2, 2013

Stanton council looks at four-wheeler state law

By April Baumgarten

The Stanton City Council reviewed an ordinance that will require four-wheelers to “drive properly” within city limits.
The City Council reviewed North Dakota State Century Code Thursday during a regular meeting at city hall. The law requires drivers to make complete stops before crossing streets and to yield to oncoming traffic. It also requires drivers to obey the speed limit.
The city has receive numerous complaints about motorists driving four-wheelers in city limits, including speeding and operating the vehicles inappropriately. Residents have also been speeding in the ditch by the railroad tracks without helmets. Some have had two people on the vehicle.
The City Council struck out a clause that said, “The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department will allow the driver of an OHV (off-highway vehicle) to take the shortest possible route into and out of town but that is all.”
“We aren’t banning it,” Councilman Marvin Ballensky said. “We are making them street legal.”

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